Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Higher the HEELS the Closer to God

I love the design of this skirt, it's fun and fresh, perfect for a bright sunny day. The peplum hem gives it a flirty touch. I wished they added a nylon slip layer under the skirt so that the skirt stitches wouldn't irritate my skin. But you could always wear a separate piece underneath. Since the skirt already has a lot of patterns and colors, I paired it with a basic white tank from H&M and a statement necklace from Banana Republic.  

With red rubber soles

These beautiful heels are from Christian Louboutin - Neofilo. They were my very first pair from Loubis. Honestly, the first few times I wore them, my feet was in pain. But after I broke them in, they got better over time and they match almost all of my outfits. Also, I had an experienced cobbler add red rubber soles to extend their life. I totally recommend bringing your shoes to a local shoe hospital to have them preserve the red bottoms, it's a great investment for $30 otherwise your shoes could end up like the photo below. OUCH!

without red rubber soles (photo credit)

Have a great weekend.